The scope of coaching soccer to junior and youth players around the world is pretty wide. The world game is played by so many different cultures and societies, but the best practices to help young players develop to be the best that they can be should be fairly similar irrespective of the backdrop of where the game is played.

It is against this backdrop that we aim to deliver hints and tips in this JuniorSoccerTips blog that will help prepare soccer coaches all over the world to help bring the game of soccer to the young players in your locality.

At junior and youth levels, there are fundamental principles that should be considered by anyone who intended to leads a squad and coach soccer. Young soccer players require a certain amount of uninterrupted play. This allows them to experience gain a basic understanding of soccer first hand, and also attends to their need to play a game in training.

In the early years, players should be encouraged and provided with opportunities to experiment, which will bring about richer development as they understand what works and what doesn’t, with successes and failures. Your long term goal should be to prepare your players so that they can participate in the sport with a good technical base and play within a team, successfully recognising when certain individual skills and tactical link up is required.

It is vitally important that you approach the develop of your players with this in mind. There isn’t one best way of developing a squad which comprises of players of different talents and abilities… it requires a unique approach but is under pinned by certain basic coaching ideas.

In this JuniorSoccerTips Blog we aim to provide junior and youth soccer coaches with a basic set of ideas that can help players in your local area understand the game, keep themselves fit and healthy by enjoying playing the sport for fun.