How Do You Finish Your Soccer Training Sessions?

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The best way to end your soccer training session is on a high… I like to send my soccer players away with a smile on their face and having learned a new soccer technique or tactic during soccer practice.

If they leave with a smile on their face then what I’ve found is that they are energized at the very start of the next session, in fact most of them sprint onto the training ground!

If your players are energized, share your secrets with us at Junior Soccer Coach, we love to hear from everyone that finds our information motivational and useful… but if your players need a little energizing then these next two points should have them eager to get to your next session.

Well, for starters at the end of any coaching session I do, I gather the players in for a debrief of the main topics that we’ve been working on during the session.

More often than not, this will be in the form of a demonstration or recreation of a situation that occured during training that brought about all of the key coaching points.

But to help with the interactivity, I ask plenty of questions to test the players understanding and comprehension of the topic.

When players answer questions, encourage them by saying well done.  Even if the answer isn’t quite right, build on it yourself and recognise their contribution.

We tend to summarise together the points of the session and then in my debrief I inform the players on what we will be working on in the next session… I don’t tell them everything, but give them enough to look forward to it.

After we’ve had our quick debrief we then have a quick 5 minute tournament at the end of the session, this can be in the form of a penalty shoot out, cross bar challenge, keepy uppy, donkey race… whatever it is its just got to be fun and the players need to have a laugh.

In the 5 minute tournament, there are no coaching points to be made its simply a time to let the players have a bit of a laugh and giggle, but we almost always have some kind of forfeit for the players coming last!

Occassionally, we’ll also include the parents on the sidelines too… now that really does get a laugh!

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