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My name is Neil Travers and for nearly ten years now I’ve had the pleasure, fun and frustration of coaching and running Soccer Teams from U6’s right through to Senior and semi pro teams…if you coach a team yourself then please take a moment to hear me out.

Coaching a junior or youth soccer team should be rewarding for YOU and your players. Yet a day doesn’t go by when I get an email from someone asking for my help about coaching children or from people who’ve bought all the latest books & DVD’s put out by the professionals but just can’t relate to the information they give to a grass roots level.

You see, the professionals are surrounded by expensive complexes with all the best equipment and facilities, where as we often only get to coach our kids one night a week and it’s us that have to set up the pitch, check it for debris, use the clubs limited equipment or use our own stuff!

What makes it even harder for us is that we have to deal with everything on the sidelines (parents for one!), something the professionals don’t have to get involved with! They are often removed and out of touch with the “real world” of junior and youth soccer coaching.

It’s time to do something about it!

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