Coaching an attacking mentality in your soccer team

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Here’s a simple tip that you can use in your training sessions and see an immediate impact in your next game.

It’s a simple and effective attacking mentality tip that I’ve used with my teams since they we’re playing at U7’s level.

When my team’s have got the ball into our opponents box I tell them not to let it come out again without a shot having been taken.

You see some teams are great in possession and can pass the ball for fun, laterally across the pitch or down the channels without any real penetration… e.g. getting the ball into the box.

‘Possession without penetration will not win soccer games’

Simple drills that help players shield the ball, develop their close control, dribble to evade a tackle and shoot as soon as they make half a yard for themselves will all help your team to keep the ball in the box and turn possession into scoring opportunities.

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Good luck in the coming weekend’s fixtures.

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