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Youth Soccer Coaching Video – Switching The Play

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When coaching youth soccer team attacking tactics, one key tactic of team play is switching the play. This means your soccer players have the technique and ability to quickly transfer the ball from one side of the soccer pitch to other. This unbalances your opponents organisation and create opportunities for your soccer players to exploit. In this post there is… Read more »

Encouraging Your Soccer Players to Shoot

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Scoring more goals than your opponents, whilst conceding as few as possible, is the main objective of a soccer match. Each time a team has control of the ball, the aim should be to create scoring opportunities. However, in junior and youth matches, all too many scoring chances are missed and there is a possibility this is because the managers… Read more »

Checklist For Observing Strikers

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In my Analysing Football Performance article, I wrote about the importance of concentrating on one part of the football pitch when you are evaluating whether your team is performing as well as it should. Although you do need to have an overall view of how the team plays, concentrating on a particular area will enable you to plan training priorities… Read more »